Scalextric 2018 Range | July to December

It’s that special time of year again when everything seems brighter, everyone you meet seems inexplicably happier, as though the whole world has an extra skip in their step.

Yes, it’s the time when Scalextric release details of the second half of their 2018 line-up and there are some crackers in there for fans of historic racing.

I was lucky enough to see some of them in the flesh (or “in the plastic”, I suppose) at this year’s UK Slot Car Festival and was switched on enough to take pictures.

Officially there on Father & Son duty and there’s only so many times you can say “Just wait there while I take a hundred photos, each from a slightly different angle, of this car” before the boy gets bored.

2018 Classic Slots

While they didn’t have the full line-up there, I was really impressed with the cars that I did see.

Scalextric have again chosen an interesting, mixed range of classic cars from the motorsport archive. Each with a nice level of detail and generally high production values.

Despite there being no new toolings for classics there are plenty of interesting new liveries to keep collectors/fans happy.

Starting with two of my all time favourite cars…


Ford Escort MkI – Brands Hatch 1971 | C3924

The Mk1 Escort is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. It’s the slot car equivalent of Blur belting out Parklife. And no Scalextric range is complete without a new MkI – so it doubly exciting this year as there are two to pick from!

There’s a slightly plain looking 50th anniversary Mk1 Mexico and my pick, the Castrol liveried 1971 Team Broadspeed MkI:

This model is of the 1971 works car entered by Team Broadspeed into the British Saloon Car Championship and driven by John Fitzpatrick.

More info >


Ford GT40 MkII – 12 Hours of Sebring 1967 | C3916

Last year Scalextric added the GT40 MkIV that won at the ’67 12 Hour of Sebring.

Now we can recreate that race thanks to the release of this beauty – the MkII GT40 driven by AJ Foyt and Lloyd Ruby.

While the No.1 car went on to celebrate the win, the No.2 car had a slightly less spectacular end to the race.

Suffering from an oil leak, the famously hard-driving Foyt refused to back off. After handing the car over to Ruby, the camshaft seized and it finished the race in the pits. Tied on lap count with the Porsche 910 of (the brilliantly named) Scooter Patrick and Gerhard Mitter, the Ford claimed second place thanks to a technicality.

Here’s a magnificently evocative picture of the two GT40s in the pit lane at Sebring.

More info >


Austin Mini Coper S 1962 Targa Florio | C3913

This one’s a proper little beauty and I absolutely love it.

Full of the charm and personality that’s uniquely original mini, this car won the hearts of the Sicilian crowd at the 1962 Targa.

As always, these images don’t do the slot car model justice. It’s a cracker that I really hope to see it spinning round my the boy’s track soon.

More info >


Ferrari 412P 1967 | C3946

The eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted this one in the background of the GT40 MkIIB above.

Sadly I didn’t get a decent picture of it, but it looks great.

A refreshed and far more interesting livery than on either the P3s in the Legends triple pack, really lifts this car above those previous models.


More info >


And now the best of the rest…

Lancia Stratos – Tour de Corse – Rally de France 1975 | C3930

More info >


BMW E30 M3 – 1988 Bathurst 1000 | C3929

More info >


Ford Mustang Boss 302 – 1970 British Saloon Car Championship | C3926

More info >


Dodge Challenger 1970 | C3935

More info >


Still Want More?

For details about the full 2018 Scalextric range, both modern and historic, and to pre-order any of the cars, head over to the Scalextric website.



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