Twenty Glorious Years of Goodwood Revival: A Book Review

In late 1997 both the Earl of March and I were hatching plans.

Mine would see me through university while also going to the pub every day.

Meanwhile in West Sussex, the Earl’s plans would see motor racing at the Goodwood circuit for the first time in 30 years.

Such is life, I suppose.

I’m pleased to say that both our plans came off. Which was good news for the landlords of Coventry as I drank my way through a local education authority’s grant for the next 4 years. And, arguably, it was even better news for the rest of us as the Goodwood Revival was born on 17th September 1998.


The Revival at Twenty

Somehow, these events are now twenty years ago, and while I no longer go to the pub every day, the Revival is still going strong.

To mark those 20 years, I occasionally think of my lost youth and weep gently, while in a wholly more positive step Goodwood have produced this magnificent book: Twenty Glorious Years.


For anyone who’s experienced the Revival, who’s seen first-hand the loving attention-to-detail with which it’s brought to life, the authentic quality of this book will come as no surprise.

The subtlety of the drab green textured, hardcover – emblazoned with the golden rays of a setting sun. The gilded page edges. It’s weighty too. As you hold it in your hands you can easily imagine it’s been sat on a library’s shelves since the 1950s.

That authentic quality, and the feelings it arouses, has been a fundamental characteristic of Revival programmes since they adopted their current format in 2004. And this book is at heart a Revival programme that’s been highly tuned.

Over 250 pages it charts the years and events of the track’s first era of motor sport. From its origins in 1948 when Britain was firmly in the grip of the post-war doldrums, to its closure in 1966, during F1’s return to power, the age rising speed and increased danger.

But, just as with the Revival itself, it celebrates so much more than just the cars & races. It’s the drivers and fans, the foods and the fashions, the significant social and cultural events. All accompanied by stunning vintage photography, blended seamlessly with contemporary photos from the Revival races.

It’s like having a great big slice of the Revival on your coffee table.

Enjoy some photos below:



Twenty Glorious Years is priced £29.99 and available now to buy from the Goodwood Shop.


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