In Pictures: Scalextric C2970 Ferrari 250 GTO No.42 Monza 1963

For me the Ferrari 250 GTO is without question, the most beautiful sports car ever raced.

It’s a car that’s been blessed with an almost magnetic beauty. The kind that once you glimpse, is impossible to look away from.

It’s a car that I’d leave my wife for (unless, of course, she’s reading this…).

And this beauty, combined with the fact that only 39 were built and its track successes, mean the 250 GTO remains spectacularly desirable. Proof of that, if any were needed, is this year’s sale of 4135GT for $70 million (not by me, dear).

So following in its tyre tracks – though 32 times smaller – the Scalextric C2970 Ferrari 250 GTO model, released in April 2009, has become one of the most desirable and collectable models in recent years.

Looking at the pictures below, it’s easy to see why:

The model pays homage to the No.42 car driven by Englishman, Mike Parkes in the Coppa Inter Europa at Monza on the 8th September 1963. Parkes steered the car to second overall in the race, behind Roy Salvadori in the Aston Martin DP214, and in doing so took first in class.


The Car

The car is chassis number 4399GT owned and run by the legendary Col Ronnie Hoare in his Maranello Concessionaires team.

Sadly, there seem to be very few pictures of the car at the actual race. Below you’ll see the only I could find, of the rear 3/4 of the car.

Fortunately for photographic purposes, the car raced twice at Goodwood in 1963. The first was its race debut in June’s Whitsun Trophy, with Parkes again behind the wheel. Then, just a fortnight before the car competed at Monza, it featured in the Tourist Trophy with Graham Hill driving:

Problems with the Model

Comparing these three photos with the ones of the model, you can see some of the inaccuracies with the Scalextric model.

First up, the livery isn’t quite right. The Monza picture clearly shows the race number roundels should be yellow rather than white. And as this is a Maranello Concessionaires car, even though we can’t see it in the Monza photo, it’s a good bet that nose should be baby blue, like it was just 2 weeks before at Goodwood.

The model itself isn’t quite right either. Some will complain that the proportions of the car in small scale aren’t right but I think they’re close enough. More importantly for me the fuel tank cap is on the wrong side and the chrome exhausts, so prominently sticking out the rear of the model are clearly different on the actual car. The photo above shows the exhaust blowing out just below the passenger side door.

If I wanted to be a completely yawnsome bore, I’d guess Scalextric based their model on the more recognisable Nick Mason car – aka chassis 3757GT.

But the reality is, it doesn’t matters one bit.

Because like the real thing, the C2970 Ferrari 250 GTO is one of the most beautiful Scalextric cars ever raced/kept on the plinth out of direct sunlight.


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