Oh! Is there anything worse than when a blog that’s laid dormant for months, is finally updated, only for the new content to be about the blog itself? (Note: Yes. Yes, there is.) Either way, I have to apologise for the radio silence these past few weeks – real life catches up with you and all that – but I promise (though I may have my fingers crossed) from now on I will write more regularly here.

So, what has woken me from my deep sleep? Well…

A huge motivation behind starting RetroRacer was the desire to share slot car photographs. And not the standard low 3/4 shot stock photos you see on every retailer website. But beautiful images that really capture the amazing detail of modern slot cars.

Instagram seemed like the most natural place to do that. To share my love and to build a community around these amazing little cars. So that’s where I headed.

It’s now been a little over 6 months since I first posted to Instagram under the guise of AnalogueSlots – you can follow me as here – and today I posted my 200th picture.

That post is 5 of my favourite slot car shots I uploaded since May. And to save you the effort of heading over to Instagram, you can see it below:

Top 3: As Voted For By You

Despite that being my Instagram account, and this being my blog, I realise that just sharing my 5 favourite images might seem a little self-indulgent. Especially given that Instagram tells you exactly how popular each post you share is.

So below are the three slot car posts with the most likes. And, ironically, one of them is a standard low 3/4 shot stock photo. Oh well. 

I think you’ll agree that Instagram has chosen well. But if you don’t, you know what you can do – head over there and get liking the shots you prefer!

So, thank you for your support and here’s to the next 200 posts!

One. Graham Hill in his Lotus 49.

Two. Flat Over Crest

Three. The John Fitzpatrick MkI Ford Escort


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