Micro Scalextric – What’s New in 2019?

2019 marks 25 years of Micro Scalextric, the compact, affordable and super-speedy entry-level race sets, and to celebrate, Scalextric has given it some serious updates.

These major updates – including a brand new track system, new car motors and chassis, and hand-controllers with an intuitive power-control built-in – make this new Micro Scalextric faster, more robust and even more fun for race fans.

New Micro Scalextric 2019 “Plug & Play” Track System

The significantly redesigned track system is great news for parents and kids alike.

New connectors make it easy for little fingers to build and change track layouts while still being strong enough to stop the track pieces coming apart as the old system was prone to do.

Plus the new flat power rails means cars keep a better connection to the track to keep the racing flowing.

New 2019 Micro Scalextric Track System
Photo Credit: Andy Player

Faster, Stronger Cars

Along with the new track system, the 2019 Micro Scalextric cars also feature an updated chassis.

This redesigned chassis allows for a new easy-change braid plate that improves connection with the track; an efficient FN20 slim can motor for better throttle response; two neodymium traction magnets making the cars hug the track better; and a fixed rear axel removes the possibility of it popping out following a pile-up.

All of which should make for faster, more enjoyable racing with fewer car repairs needed along the way.

More Power (Control)!

Also included in the 2019 update are new controllers, ergonomically designed to better fit little hands. These come with a nifty power controller switch built-in, giving a simple and intuitive way to give new racers more control over their car by reducing its top speed.

Though this is obviously brilliant, there’s a part of me that thinks shooting a car off at the first corner and smashing it against the skirting is a right of passage for Scalextric racers! Kids these days don’t know they’re born… etc.

Warner Brothers Partnership Sets

The updated Micro Scalextric has just hit the shelves with three new sets including two tie-ins from the Scalextric partnership with Warner Brothers – the Justice League and Wacky Races.

The Justice League set, with a price tag of £59.99, pits the Superman against Batman as they battle for bragging rights over the whopping 5.7m of track featuring two loops and a vertical stunt ramp. Plus Wonder Woman’s and The Flash’s cars will be available to buy separately later this year.

The Wacky Races set is based around the 2017 reboot of the 1960’s classic (I know, I wasn’t aware of it either) and features Dick Dastardly and Mutley in the Mean Machine, up against Peter Perfect is in his Turbo Terrific. Again there’s an additional car available later this year – Penelope Pitstop in the Compact Pussy Cat.

While I think the cars in the Justice League set are fine, the Mean Machine & Turbo Terrific look absolutely superb – genuinely distinctive and excellent quality that was missing from earlier tie-ins.

Take a quick look at them here – along with the Looney Tunes My First Scalextric – in this video from the London Toy Fair earlier this year:

There’s More…

If this wasn’t enough for you, it seems that Scalextric has big plans for the Micro Scalextric range.

Not only will there be replacements for the old range of non-Warner Brothers sets (2019 already includes a very cool police chase set), there’s talk of track expansion packs and accessories PLUS an expanded range of cars to buy separately.

I’ve long thought Micro Scalextric was treated too much like the forgotten child so it’s great to see such a giant leap forward in terms of quality and gameplay with these sets.

And I’m looking forward to more exciting developments.


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