Scalextric Release Pictures of Jaguar I-Pace Challenge Set

Scalextric and electric race cars are a match made in heaven. In fact, I guess you could say that Scalextric has led the way in electric powered motorsport for 60 years (*groans*).

So it’s great to see the first pictures of the fabulous new Scalextric models of the I-Pace – Jaguar’s first all-electric car:

The #1 and #2 cars pictured come in the I-Pace Challenge (C1401M) set – which will bring the excitement of the world’s first all-electric production-based international race series, the Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy, to bedroom floors later this year.

That race series travels the globe in support of the FIA’s Formula E race calendar. I’m sure I’m not alone hoping that Scalextric is also working to bring Season 5 Formula E models to our miniature race tracks (Oh, we’re never satisfied, are we?).

As you can see, the I-Paces included in the set are Super Resistant models, but, I’m sure you’ll agree, they still look as awesome as the real thing.

Pitched as an entry-level set, it comes with just under 5 meters of track and will retail for around £110.

High Detail Separates Coming Soon!

The good news for Jag fans wanting to bring their collections into the 21st century is that, in addition to the Super Resistant cars in the I-Pace Challenge set, Scalextric will be release two High Detail versions of the I-Pace in 2019.

As well as the usual high-quality HD interiors, the cars will be digital plug ready and feature working front and rear lights.

Details about the liveries a little sketchy but we do know there will be a *Red* one and, more excitingly, one with Group 44 heritage livery. So expect something cool as this Group 44 XJS:

Jaguar Group 44 XJS in Heritage Livery


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