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RetroRacer is a slot car blog that’s fuelled by four-star nostalgia for the fun of slot car racing, and a love of historic motorsport.

It’s a place for me to remember the simple pleasure of racing model cars around a track.

So here you’ll find my words and pictures on slot car models of classic race cars.

Racing slot cars like it’s 19591969. 1979. 1989.


Slot Cars? You mean Scalextric, right?

Pretty much.

If you’re like me, your first thrilling slot car racing experience with a Scalextric set – probably bought for you* by your Dad.

And Scalextric are still the big name in UK slot car making so most of what I’ll write about here will be Scalextric.

But once you start to scratch below the surface, there’s so much more to slot cars than just Scalextric.


Why Retro not Vintage?

This blog is fuelled by nostalgia.

Nostalgia for the fun of childhood.

Nostalgia for the simple pleasure of tearing round a race plastic track until motors overheated and controllers started smelling.

Nostalgia for the brilliance, bravery and characters of 60s & 70s racers and their cars.

But it’s not 1969 anymore – the world has moved on.

So I’m embracing this: the improvements in manufacturing, the digitalisation of everything, and the huge archive of stunning cars, races and racers too.


Where it all Began

First time round, it all began when my father bought me that Pole Position set in the mid 80s.

It came with a couple of generic 80s F1 cars with massive rear tyres and even bigger rear wings.

Some time later, one winter’s evening, he came home with a new pair of cars – a C287 Ford Escort Mk1 RS1600 in Westwood Racing colours (read: the brown one) and the stunning silver C125 #6 Porsche 935. Both with lights!

This was possibly the most exciting day of my short life (and is still possibly in the top 10…).

Finally, I saved enough to get a stunning C382 Jaguar XJ8 and then a C444 Porsche 962C. These two cars blew my mind. They we fast. They were easy to drive and they had brake lights that came on when you released the trigger on your controller!

But then I grew up.

Until… I had a son of my own, and the now promoted Grandad bought him a Scalextric set.

And the cycle started all over again.

Now I’m a Retro Racer.


Get In Touch

If you’ve got anything you’d like to share or talk to me about, drop me a line.


* All Dads buy slot cars sets for themselves. FACT.

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