Ford GT40 Slot Cars on eBay

The Ford GT40 – British Baby. American Legend

The Ford GT40 is arguably the most famous sports car of all time.

Built by Ford to bloody the nose of Ferrari after a failed take over bid, it’s one of a select band that has transcended mere sports car into legend.

Despite early marques being based on the British Lola Mk6, the GT40 is unashamedly all-American. Not as beautiful or elegant as it’s European rivals, with their silky smooth V12s, the squat GT40 brought muscular, snarling V8 power to the race track.

After 2 years of development under the legendary Carroll Shelby, the car finally won Le Mans in 1966, taking a historic 1, 2 , 3 at La Sarthe.

GT40 Slot Cars on eBay

The GT40 first appeared as a slot car after it’s famous ’66 win. It was an instant hit and since then, there have been endless variations, by several manufactures, of GT40s produced.

Today, the popularity of the GT40 has not diminished and it continues as a mainstay in the Scalextric range.

This popularity means that picking up a bargain on eBay is a challenge. The high second-hand prices make new GT40 models a good investment, but can make collecting an (even more) expensive business.


Latest Ford GT40 Slot Cars eBay Listings

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